Republic of Rolfmund

The Republic of Rolfmund is a semi-presidential republic situated on the northwestern portion of the continent of Ardhi. It started off as a royal colony under the Kingdom of Blanchefleur, but in time political and religious discrepancies between themselves earned Rolfmund its independence and subsequent transformation into a republic.


Rolfmund is a semi-presidential republic. The government is composed of both a diplomatic and a war council, a high senate and the ‘Royale’ which is the title given to the current ruler of Rolfmund (this title and the charge itself are the equivalents to the term and function of a president).

The diplomatic council is mostly composed of aristocrats and merchants, all whom handle all of the country’s international relations and businesses. All of the embassies, the trade treaties, and foreign policies are passed through the diplomatic council.

The war council is composed of two forces, the Knights Templar and the Garou. The first handle all war policies and remain on active duty all throughout Ardhi, except for the Kingdom of Al’Sayid. The Garou is the clandestine service and is employed on all international situations that require martial action, albeit with discretion and secrecy.

The high senate is the part of the government that overviews all internal policies, laws and acts, and is perhaps the most important part of the government as it regulates all of its internal functions. Even the Royale must answer to the high senate.

The royale is the public face of the people. As with a president, the royale must be present in all government, national and international diplomatic events, and whenever the high senate passes laws or acts, it is the royale whom has the duty to inform the people. The royale is basically the face of Rolfmund, both to its people and to the world.

List of Royales


Rolfmund is composed largely of dense forests surrounding all its 5 major cities, with only the northern region of the country occupied by a mountain range known as Three Saints, named as such for the three snowy peaks in it. The climate is generally temperate to semi-boreal as the forest extends to the North.


Rolfmund maintains trade relations mostly with Oldterran countries, including Blanchefleur, Galsbury and Moldaff, trading goods such as their famous templar wine, steam engines, arcane machinery, and black griffon mounts, believed to be one of the best griffon breeds in the world.

People of Rolfmund

Rolfmund natives are called ‘franqs’.


Rolfmund is composed mostly of humans and halflings, making up collectively more than 55% of the country’s population, according to the most recent census in the country. Another 37% is constituted by sylvan elves, becoming the largest sylvan elf community in an established country (most sylvan elves live in forest communities).The remaining 8% is composed of goliath, yoruba drow and sylvan half elf communities.


Rolfmund is a largely catholic state, with an overwhelming 93% of the population being catholic, a little less than 2% being either agnostic or atheist, and the remaining 4% following doctrines such as the Temple of St. Cuthbert, the cult to the Orishas, or Islam.

Notable Places/Organizations within Rolfmund

The Bastille/Leon Naval Academy

Formerly a fortress/prison back when Rolfmund was a colony, it has now become the training academy for all who wish to become either a member of the Knights Templar or the Garou. Members of Garou are selected in secret after they graduate.

The Sigismond School for the Arcane Arts

Founded by Etienne Sigismond during Rolfmund’s transition from royal colony to republic, it was one of the main aspects that would set a stark contrast with Blanchefleur in that the Rolfmund government did approve arcane magic as a way to improve their way of life, whereas Blanchefleur had always had a strong policy against it (until recently when the Botencou-Kultainen Academy of Arcane Studies & Magical Arts was founded).

Republic of Rolfmund

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