Monarchic Republic of Dunya

The Monarchic Republic of Dunya is a relatively young country situated in central Ardhi, and it serves as a border state between the nations of Rolfmund and Al’Sayid.

Dunya started off as a city-state centered in what is know its capital city, Vredhe Selamh, and was founded as a peace treaty between Rolfmund and Al’Sayid in order to stop their centuries-old conflict for the territorial control of Dunya’s soil, itself. As such, Dunya shares many characteristics of both Rolfmund and Al’Sayid, and the country is ran by both countries on many levels.


Dunya is a democratic monarchy, in which the ruler or king is not chosen by heritage or family, but rather selected by the people from a number of candidates. The government is also composed of a senate, a diplomatic council and the military forces are provided by both the Knights Templar of Rolfmund and the Mujahideen of Al’Sayid, both on active duty in their respective districts of each of the 3 major cities within Dunya (Western districts by the Templars and eastern districts by the Mujahideen).

The current (and first) King of Dunya is Jaqcues Adad Saleem, notable for being of sayid and franq descent.


Dunya’s land is full of plains and savannahs where ancient ruins are distributed accross the landscape. Dunya is notable in that there are no mountains or mountain ranges within its borders and it’s also where two of Ardhi’s major rivers, the Moridunum and the Alquimedes come together into one river called the Artorius.


Dunya has trade networks all throughout Ardhi with both Rolfmund and Al’Sayid, as well as with Blanchefleur, Yunkel and the 9 Sisters Islands. They trade mostly with textiles, spices, diamonds, druidic technology, wine and musical instruments of all kinds.

People of Dunya

Dunya natives are called dunmen (male) and dunwomen (female).


Dunya is one of the few countries where humans and halflings are not the vast majority (holding a 11% of the population), sharing their communities with d’jarda (12%), goliaths (18%), yoruba drow (13%), trollfolk and goblinoids (12%), deep elves (12%), bin b’aru (7%), and other minorities (15%).


Dunya is a secular country as freedom of religion is a constitutional right. Both Catholicism and Islam are the major religions in the country holding 23% and 27%, respectively. Because of the sheer diversity of the people and culture, 17% being held by the cult to the Orishas, 15% being agnostic or atheist and the remaining 18% constituted by little more than 35 different religions from around the world.

Notable Places/Organizations within Dunya

Monastery of the Crescent Moon

A monastic organization that has undertaken the task of handling supernatural threats not only in Dunya, but around the world, often collecting data and artifacts through diplomatic connections and trusts to help them better fight the otherworldly dangers they’re faced with, everyday. How to join or how they operate is a mystery.

Monarchic Republic of Dunya

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