A sly race of men that thrive in any place by virtue of their wits and swiftness.

Drow are distant cousins of Elves, probably sharing a common ancestor at some point. They’re dark-skinned men known for their quickness, their cunning, and most notably their resourcefulness and deceitfulness.


Drow can be very differently built, depending on the region. The two most notable varieties are the Drovljud, who hail from the Northlands, and the Yoruba, Drow who run through the vast savannahs of Dunya and the deserts of Al’Sayid.

Drovljud are often stocky and somewhat tall, almost never going over 1.85m in the case of males, and 1.70m in the case of females. They have strong facial features and usually somewhat big noses, with men sporting thick facial hair, both beard and moustache, and women usually having very long hair (it is considered bad luck to cut off a female Drovljud’s hair). Their ears are small and somewhat pointed, in most cases. Their skin color ranges from earthly grey to almost pale gray, and their hair colors range from beige to silvery white.

Yoruba Drow are very, very tall, usually going well over the 2.00m in height (both males and females), and have lean but rather muscular bodies, with long legs and arms. They commonly have somewhat feline facial features with little or no facial hair, and sport curly, short haircuts most of the time (this is also both the case in males and females alike), with tones ranging from dark beige to cream-ish white. Their skin tones go anywhere from dark grey to almost black.


Regardless of variety, all Drow are nimble and have a strong force of personality, making them reliable diplomats, cunning merchants, or even daring thieves. Drow have a unique knack with machinery, especially Yoruba Drow, and instinctively know how to handle certain magic technological devices. This is theorized to be some sort of genetic memory from their deep forefathers. Drow can also speak a subsonic variety of elven just as Deep Elves do.


Drow personalities vary greatly. From proud warriors to cunning tricksters to charming aristocrats, the only thing they all seem to have in common is their quickness and their strong pressence. Drovljud are generally very passionate and driven, which on a bad day could translate to very short temper and aggressive behaviour. Yoruba Drow are generally much more centered but more wary of other races and outsiders, often even showing hostility to strangers.


Drow have a varied culture, and depending on the kind of Drow is the kind of culture they probably inherited. Drovljud have a strong basis on family and usually form very large families with numerous extended members. They often swear undying fealty to their fellow family members and will support them and assist them even in activities that could be morally questionable. They also have strong religious ties, most notably with gypsy and pagan traditions and pantheons, with witchcraft and witch cults being notably common in Drovljud religion.

Yoruba drow are much more community driven in the sense that everyone has a duty to fulfill and must be carried out with utmost dedication. Although they have strong family bonds, it is stronger the bond they form with fellow warriors, or workers, because they place strong emphasis on hard work and sacrifice as part of their daily lives. Their religious beliefs revolve around the spirit world and vast hierarchies of entities known as the Orishas, whom they believe constitute everything in the Universe.


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