Deep Elf

Underground relatives of the Sylvan Elves, they hunt and thrive in the depths of the Underdark.

Deep Elves are variety of elf native to the arcane-infused forests of the Underdark. They are completely adapted to life underground and some scholars theorize they’re actually the first elven race from which all other varieties are descended from.


Deep Elves are anatomically very similar to Sylvan Elves, save for several details. Deep Elf skin color is of different earthly hues and striped with various green and blueish patterns that resemble foliage, which acts as a form of active camouflage in the underground wilderness. A notable difference from other elf varieties is the way they move. Deep Elf movement is very reminiscent of that or birds, something that added to their natural nimbleness further strengthens the theory that all elf-kind is descended from an ancient bird-like race commonly known as the Auryans.


Deep Elves are extremely nimble to the point that at times they appear to be literally as light as feathers. Scholars believe this is because Deep Elven bones have portions in them that are hollow, similar to those of certain birds of prey. They also possess binocular vision, as well as low-light and dark-vision. A very characteristic trait of Deep Elves is that they communicate in a form of subsonic verbal communication called “True Elven”, which can only be heard and understood by their kind and all other elven varieties (although only Drow seem to be able to both hear and speak it). This has somehow cost them their ability to speak, as they seem to use a different set of vocal chords to speak True Elven and thus their normal vocal chords seem to be vestigial. Perhaps with newer generations they will dissappear altogether.


Deep Elves have cunning, but inquisitive personalities. Their approach to life is one of discovery, and enjoy simple pleasures like food, dancing and physical contests. Although clever and wary, elven curiosity might sometimes translate into naivety, however Deep Elves are not to be provoked, lest be prepared to face the consequences of an immediate retaliation. Deep Elves in all their playfulness still have a warrior’s mindset and are always ready to fight, be it for family, for land, for what they hold precious or simply to protect their personal honor. Good or neutral Deep Elves make for good and curious companions, evil Deep Elves make for some of the most terrible and disturbing of villains.


Deep Elven culture favors close ties to nature, equal amounts of leisure and duty, and a warrior mentality at all times. Deep Elves are very similar to Sylvan Elves in this respect, however their religion is vastly different in terms of pantheons and deities. Deep Elves share the Yoruba Drow tradition of the cult of the Orishas, but also worship ancient Auryan deities, such as the Anemoi.

Deep Elf

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