Great beast-men of the North. They claim descent from Fenrisulfr, the bearhound himself.

Barulfr are a race of men closely related to bears and wolves, often displaying either subtle or overtly noticeable characteristics of either one, or both. The hail from the Northern regions of the known World, specifically the Asgard Artic Pass.


Barulfr stand generally tall and muscular, well over 1.80m in stature is the norm for both males and females, with males standing roughly up to 2.20m and women a little over 2.05m, approximately. Males usually develop large claws and bulky manes that cover most of their necks and head. Some of them even develop wolf-like legs or bear-like arms. Females develop traits such as wolf tails, claws, and wolf legs, as well. Their skin colors vary from very pale to tanned, depending on the region (barulfr are quite adaptable). Hair color usually ranges from black to gray to brown, emulating wolf and bear fur hues, and some barulfr, male or female, shed their hair depending on the seasons, with brownish tones during spring, summer and fall, and white during winter.


Barulfr are stronger and sturdier than other humanoid races, such as humans, probably because of their ancestry, and have remarkable senses, specially scent and hearing. Many of them train these senses in order to become better hunters. They are also very resilient to harsh temperatures, both heat and cold.


Being social creatures, barulfr are generally amicable amongst themselves, although never disregarding hierarchy within their group, which is usually determined by the strongest. Their attitude towards other races can sometimes be described as aloof and somewhat distant, especially in males. Females often have much more explosive temper than males, specially during adolescence, and it is not uncommon to find adult females amongst barulfr clan leaders. While they may be wary of members of other humanoid races, once a bond of friendship is established, barulfr are usually very loyal to their friends, regardless of the race.


Barulfr usually gather up in clans or houses, leading hunter-gatherer lifestyles. Their organizations can be both nomadic or sedentary, although in recent times barulfr clans spend more time in established settlements, or become part of greater multi-racial societies, most of the time providing members of working or military classes.


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