Kingdom of Al'Sayid

The Kingdom of Al’Sayid is a nation situated to the East of the Ardhi continent, occupying most of the landmass’ territory.

During the Crusades, Al’Sayid endured a centuries-old campaign of warfare against the Rolfmund, its western neighbor, until relatively recently when both nations signed a peace treaty and founded the Monarchic Republic of Dunya, as a result.


Little is know of Al’Sayid’s governmental organization save for the fact that it is a monarchic state, and has a war council. Religion plays a big part in Al’Sayid’s culture and as such, the so-called Court is a third agent of power within Al’Sayid. There is no distinction between “matters of state” and “matters of church”, both being considered equally important to the people of Al’Sayid.

The current ruler of Al’Sayid is High King Salah’a Dinn III, whose rule has already extended for over a century. He is revered and loved by his people as the “Sword of God”, and some say he is unmatched by any force in combat. He generally keeps to his castle and his generals provide his voice to the people.


Most of Al’Sayid’s land is desertic, save the southeastern regions that developed strange cacti forests that some believe become dense jungles further to the south, however this claim as not ever been proved since passage to the South is blocked by the government of Al’Sayid and is thus forbidden.


Al’Sayid is part of the three-way trade network that exists between Rolfmund, Dunya and itself, and these are currently the only nations Al’Sayid trades with. Its main exports are textiles of various kinds, medicinal goods such as brews, potions and natural vaccines, iron, silver, fine weaponry, cattle and milk.

People of Al’Sayid

Natives of Al’Sayid are called sayid (both male and female).


Goliaths are the majority in Al’Sayid, constituting a 35% of the population, followed by humans and halflings with 22%, d’jarda with 18%, and 15% constituted by several minorities such as deep elves, d’jinn, dwarves and goblinoids.


Islam is the most practiced religion in Al’Sayid with an overwhelming 95% of the population adhering to at least a doctrine or form of Islam. Religions such as orthodox Judaism, the Temple of Pelor and the cult of The Traveler occupy the remaining 5%.

Kingdom of Al'Sayid

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